Wednesday, July 24

Middle of 2013!! Good Grief!

I can't believe we are already half way through 2013! Where does time go? By the wayside I guess. I enjoy writing here and am really not sure why I don't come in every week or day or month and do it!

I have been busy working on mosaics and pondering how to market our new line of Fancy Folks. They are mosaic faces with very fun and abundant embellishments! You can look at them on my website:  I really can't do festivals by myself any more and every one is so busy. I want to design and make and then have someone else sell my wares. Waaaaaa! I may need a waaaaambulance or at least some chesses with my whine!!

Here are two the seven Girls I have finished:



I love this form of art and adore the personalities they have. I am open to any ideas for marketing them from home! I do have my web site but I need money to promote it. Help!!

If you wander over to my web site or Etsy store:  you can see the other prettiesI i have created for sale. I think they are all very reasonably priced and so fun!

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